Ludibell CI


Ludibell is a compound word of
‘Homo Ludens’ and ‘Development.’

Ludibell makes educational contents.
Children can enjoy and learn about classical music
by playing our various Augmented Reality(AR) products.

Ludibell Slogan


Ludibell’s AR contents present
a great work of the artists.

Why Classical Music?


Classical music that survived through
the years gives us a great echo.

We have created the Ludibell Kids Classical Music contents
that can be enjoyed at the children’s level.

Ludibell believes in our children’s great potential.
We hope they will be able to grow into creative talents
with various possibilities by understanding classical music.

Ludibell CEO


Stella Park

Civica Scuola Di Musica "Claudio Abbado", Milano
Master di II livello in Canto, Conservatorio "G. Verdi", Milano
Bachelor of Music in Vocal, College of Music, Seoul National Univ.
Sunhwa Arts High School
2017 Ministry of SMEs & Startups Prize